The QuEST Passion

At QuEST it’s all about purposeful passion. Almost two decades ago, our passion for engineering sowed the seeds for today’s QuEST.

Our passion encourages us to look beyond the obvious and deliver transformative engineering solutions. We try to understand the emerging needs of our customers and delight them with best-in-class and novel engineering solutions. Like-minded talent seamlessly coalesces to form an engineering team for effective delivery of these solutions. This single-minded customer focus and the ensuing trust ensure a long-lasting relationship with everyone we associate with.

Vision and Mission


Big things happen by doing small things right. Once we know the right thing to do for a customer, we hone it to perfection till we know our customers are delighted with the value we bring on to the table.

Trusted Thinking Partner of Choice


Focus is the bedrock of our success. We sustain delivery of flexible and customized engineering solutions to our customers with the same single minded focus that we invest in acquiring customers. Such carefully crafted solutions for specific needs of our customers ensure a positive impact to their business and bring about transformational results over a period of time.

To Engineer Solutions for our Customers to Advance Society

Trusted Thinking Partner of Choice

To Engineer Solutions for our Customers to Advance Society


We bring comprehensive knowledge of A&D engineering and manufacturing techniques, program management, customer support, and compliance requirements.