Pioneering technologies for clean, safe and super-efficient aero engines. 

With more than two decades of experience in Aero Engineering, Quest Defense is committed to delivering proven, powerful solutions for the Defense Industry.

Engineer Next Generation Aero Engines

With unprecedented levels of demand and overall growth in Aero Engine industry, there are many new challenges ahead that companies need to carefully navigate in order to reap the related benefits.

With more than two decades of experience in Aero Engineering, Quest is committed to solving these challenges, by delivering proven, powerful solutions on a global scale to support every line of business and integrate every phase of the product lifecycle—from product conceptualization to engine maintenance and support as well as everything in between.

Quest has undertaken manufacturing non-conformance investigation and disposition as a fully autonomous service and has delivered over 200,000 concessions

Quest Transition Management service has benefited an annual savings (27% reduction in price) and 40+ assemblies have been supplied to date with zero escapes/turn backs

Quest has extended manufacturing engineering support to customers, and has helped reduce manufacturing cycle time and set up time by 50%. This, in turn, enabled customers to achieve aggressive manufacturing targets

Quest’s unique analysis methods were developed to reduce the cycle time for construction and analysis of a model by >50%


Design Development

Detail Engineering

Engineering Analysis

Engineering Process Services

Supply Chain Management

Technical Publication 

Manufacturing Engineering

Aftermarket Services

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